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  • Who regulates Indian casinos?
    The National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC) and the State of New Mexico recognize the sovereignty and independence of the Tribal Government and its authority to establish its own governmental regulatory agency commonly known as the Tribal Gaming Commission. The Tribal Gaming Commission is tasked with the responsibility of licensing and enforcement for compliance of all Federal, State and Tribal Gaming Laws and Regulations. The Tribal Gaming Commission has the recognized on site enforcement authority to enforce compliance with the regulatory requirements of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, the Tribal-State Compact, and the Tribal Gaming Ordinance and Regulations.
  • What are the responsibilities of the gaming commission?
    The Tribal Gaming Commission ensures the integrity of the games, protects the Tribal assets, and enforces compliance with regulations and laws by: Conducting background investigations on gaming employees Conducting background investigations on Vendors Auditing records and documents Conducting compliance reviews Testing of Gaming Machines Conducting continuous surveillance of gaming operation Conducting investigations of illegal acts or violations Promulgating rules and regulations Establishing Minimum Internal Control Standards Protecting the assets of the Tribe
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